Personal Roadmap Short Reflection

While searching for inspiration and help with my personal roadmap project, I came across Ten Simple Ways to Build Each Other Up that was incredibly uplifting! This list also lead me to consider more deeply my personal values and how I wanted to live my life based on my current knowledge and past experiences. After assessing my values and goals, I found myself with a few of my own short lists of how I want to live & act and some goals for the next 5 years. A few of which I have included below:

  1. have faith, hope, and love; always have love
  2. always explore; keep creating new opportunities for experiences and gaining knowledge
  3. make or sustain at least 3 personal projects per year; cross stitch, knitting, crafting, baking
  4. be kind and patient
  5. swearing is good, let it out
  6. never lose who you are, if you do, find her again by any means necessary
  7. stay strong
  8. start a knowledge-sharing platform and find something that you can teach to others; give to others, help build them up
  9. support people around you and keep supportive people around you
  10. travel!; go to Europe (Germany, Ireland, Scotland…), embrace the tropical holidays (they give you energy)

A few of these are already in the works and in the forefront of my mind since completing this project. For example going to Europe has been a dream for a while and I finally applied to complete classes overseas, heres hoping I get accepted! If I do, summer 2016 will be a very exciting time!


Exercise 10: Agreement for design services

Freelance Contract

The contract attached above I believe will be a good starting point to base my future contracts on. Some may not need al sections, but I think that this will help me greatly in the future to protect my work and services.


AIGA, Bonsai, AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services

Exercise 7: Project management tools


Cost: Free for 1 member or prices vary depending on how many members you sign up. (ex: up to 5 members for $21 per month, or up to 100 members for $834 per month) All payments are paid annually, but monthly plans are also available.


  • Create tasks for work you plan to do or need a teammate to do, instead of sending an email
  • Organize your tasks into shared projects for your initiatives, meetings & lists
  • Keep conversations with tasks, instead of scattered across email
  • Never read a status email again; get automatic updates about tasks that matter to you
  • A search function
  • Integrations which make it easier to connect Asana with other tools you use
  • Add attachments, via Dropbox, Box & Google Drive
  • Mobile function, you can work from anywhere on any IPhone or Android
  • Due dates reminder to help ensure tasks aren’t forgotten about
  • Calendar function allows you to visualize your team’s goals & milestones
  • Dashboard, allows you to see the projects that matter the most to you
  • Add multiple team members (up to 100) in order to create a collaborative environment
  • Inbox feature, which allows you to save activity on tasks and projects you’re following in one place
  • Easy to use


Cost: Free or Pro for $99/month (same except for Outlook integration for Windows, personalized support, color and logo customization)


  • create a network which is your company’s workplace on Producteev. It includes all your projects, tasks and collaborators in one place.
  • create projects to collaborate on to-do lists that can be shared across any number of collaborators, from a few people to your entire company. Tasks can be assigned, labeled, prioritized, tracked, commented on, and even set as a recurring reminder.
  • you can label and prioritize tasks or projects
  • subtasks can be assigned for greater detail in steps to be taken and allows for easier tracking
  • includes deadlines for projects and tasks
  • can attach files
  • can include unlimited users, projects, tasks, and subtasks
  • apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac & Web
  • can send notifications to apps and emails
  • user-friendly (Shannon has used it for personal and work project before with just her as well as other collaborators and it worked really well, you could be as detailed or general as you needed and the Mac App updated really well, it is very easy to create a network and add people into it, she has not tried the deadlines or priorities features)

Exercise 6: Office space

Le Marchand Mansion 11523 100 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K0J8 Suite 105

Separate, full office space.

  • Cost: 1,453 sqft. $18/SF/Year = $26,154/year = $2,180/month = 4 ppl: $545/person per month
  • Terms: 60 month lease (5 years)
  • Operating cost: $16.51/Year
  • Parking: 1 parking stall included, $250/month covered or $175/month uncovered
  • Access: 8 blocks from Grandin/Gov’t Centre LRT station, top of river valley/Victoria Park rd, one block south of Jasper Avenue
  • Building Hrs: M-F 6AM-8PM, SAT 7AM-6PM, 24hr access for security cards
  • Security: Roving Patrols, 24hr video surveillance, tenant security cards
  • Space: kitchenette, open space for ~4 desks or lounge/library, one office for client meetings, separate open space for ~4 desks or lounge/library
  • Furnishing: desks: 4x$200=$800, conference room table: $400, couches: 2x$300=$600, chairs: 2x$200+4x$80=$720, Decorations: $300 > Total: $2,820-$3,000

The Drawing Room 10253 97th St. Edmonton, AB

Studios & Salon: an exhibition and collaborative co-work space that aims to empower and inspire creatives; ”a place to make and think”

  • Cost: $300/month for membership which includes individual work space
  • Hours of Access: 24 Hours
  • Amenities: 24 Hour Wifi
  • Access: 3 minute walk from Churchill Station or 5 minute walk from Rice Howard Parkade ($6.00/hr or $20/day or $254-$374/month)