Proposed Preliminary Time Log

Preliminary Time Log


Project Log Initial Research

Found Examples

How I plan to organize my log: each project has its own log rather than keeping all projects in one larger log. Each project is broken down further into sections with different timelines/deadlines of completion (i.e., research/ideation, concept development, concept refinement, finishing-binding/printing etc). Logs designed to be kept in duo-tang/binder for filing (minimum margin measurement to come).

Necessary Information:

  • My Name/Contact
  • Project Name/Number/Invoice Number
  • Client Name/Contact
  • Begin Date/Target End Date

Possible Columns:

  • Task Description
  • Deadline(s)
  • Date
  • Time – Beginning/End and/or Total
  • Client Sign-Off(s) Date(s)
  • Cost/Expenses (printing, binding, finishing etc.)—have “folder” for each log to keep receipts in, possibly fold up and secure the bottom portion of a 8.5”x14” page
  • Stage of Project/Completeness (simple check mark?)