To begin the re:design project, I had a few ideas of redesigning Winnie the Pooh stories, Tales from Beatrix Potter, or short stories by Hans Christian Andersen. My first step was to loiter in a Chapters and find some inspiration and comparisons to hopefully guide my choices to select a project direction to go with. BookspirationBookspiration3Bookspiration2


Personal Roadmap Short Reflection

While searching for inspiration and help with my personal roadmap project, I came across Ten Simple Ways to Build Each Other Up that was incredibly uplifting! This list also lead me to consider more deeply my personal values and how I wanted to live my life based on my current knowledge and past experiences. After assessing my values and goals, I found myself with a few of my own short lists of how I want to live & act and some goals for the next 5 years. A few of which I have included below:

  1. have faith, hope, and love; always have love
  2. always explore; keep creating new opportunities for experiences and gaining knowledge
  3. make or sustain at least 3 personal projects per year; cross stitch, knitting, crafting, baking
  4. be kind and patient
  5. swearing is good, let it out
  6. never lose who you are, if you do, find her again by any means necessary
  7. stay strong
  8. start a knowledge-sharing platform and find something that you can teach to others; give to others, help build them up
  9. support people around you and keep supportive people around you
  10. travel!; go to Europe (Germany, Ireland, Scotland…), embrace the tropical holidays (they give you energy)

A few of these are already in the works and in the forefront of my mind since completing this project. For example going to Europe has been a dream for a while and I finally applied to complete classes overseas, heres hoping I get accepted! If I do, summer 2016 will be a very exciting time!

Critical Design/Cultural Resistance Site Sources

Research into cultural resistance, subversive design, user experience, and  going against corporate culture lead me to a few of these sites:

No Hanging Around | Adventure Travel Blog 

Morphing Into the Real World: The Handbook for Entering the Work Force

Corporate Culture vs. Generation Y

Workplace warfare: Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y

How Company Culture Needs to Adapt to the So-Called ‘Me, Me, Me Generation’

Cultural Resistance: The arts of protest

Lucy + Jorge Orta

Subversive Design: A Review

Design, User Experience, and Usability (e-book)

My inspiration for the visuals of my site came from this site:

Checkhov Alive